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Welcome to your Sobriety Mastermind Platform.

The Sobriety Mastermind is only available for Members who have already experienced the 90 Day Challenge.

How does the Mastermind work? 

The mastermind program is for those who want to remain part of The 90 Day Challenge to continue learning strategies for alcohol reduction whilst achieving more in other areas of life.

As well as having ongoing access to the 90 Day Challenge, you will also gain access to Tom Cartwright for monthly group coaching & the Ultimate Sobriety Mastermind online program’s.

What's Involved?

Continued access to the 90 Day Challenge program

Access to the The ‘Live with Choice’ Video Program 

Monthly group coaching calls and live webinars

The Ultimate Sobriety Resource centre 

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve made the decision to join our Sobriety Mastermind, you’ll receive immediate access to your online platform with your next steps.

Please allow yourself a few minutes to digest the email and take the necessary steps to set yourself up for success.

More Information

Continued access to the 90 Day Challenge program.

Access to the The ‘Live with Choice’ Video Program 

 The ‘Live with Choice’ Video Program is made up of the most advanced tools Tom uses with his one-on-one clients to create choice, freedom and abundance. This video series will take you from autopilot decision making to having choice in any situation.

Your Live with Choice seven module program includes;

Module 1: Roles Discovery (Uncover your Original Shame)

Module 2: Roles Integration (Unleashing Your Full Potential)

Module 3: Narcissistic Vs Co-dependant Dysfunction (Develop Functional Relationships)

Module 4: Over Functioning Vs Under Functioning (Develop Functional Relationships)

Module 5: Values Elicitation (Discover what Matters Most)

Module 6: Boundaries (How to Create Strong Boundaries with Flexibility)

Module 7: Standards (Implement Standards that Drive you Forward)

Monthly group coaching calls & live webinars

What to expect from the group coaching calls;

  • A opportunity to unpack the above models with Tom Cartwright
  • An opportunity to be coached on the spot
  • Live Q & A

The Ultimate Sobriety Resource centre 

The Ultimate Sobriety Resource centre is a combination of the worlds best coaching models, frameworks and mindset hacks to increase your potential much further beyond alcohol reduction.

After spending 5 years and 10’s of thousands of dollars mastering the art of choice, I want to offer you everything I have in my tool kit. It is now yours, as a bonus program to say thanks for supporting our vision and enjoying the ride with us. 

You’ll find access to;

  • A look inside your brain – How we create our results
  • Self-coaching models & frameworks – What took me from addiction to living my dream?
  • Purpose, Vision, Mission statements – How to create motivation & live passionately
  • Unique goal setting – How to close the gap of your dream and where you are today
  • Emotional Mastery – Feel the way you want to feel
  • Fear & Courage – The necessities for success
  • External Influencers – Who’s influencing your behaviour?
  • Behavioural profiling – How to influence anyone and develop epic relationships
  • Recommended reading material

SOBRIETY MASTERMIND includes these courses

BONUS 1: Live With Choice
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The 90 Day Drink Less Challenge
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