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How does Live with Choice work? 

BONUS 1: Our Premium Program The Live With Choice Relationship Program (The 7 Pillars To Developing Your Identity & Strengthening Relationships) 

($997 Value)


The ‘Live with Choice’ Video Program is made up of the most advanced tools Tom uses with his one-on-one clients to create choice, freedom and abundance. This video series will take you from autopilot decision making to having choice in any situation.

Your Live with Choice seven module program includes;

Module 1: Roles Discovery (Uncover your Original Shame)

Module 2: Roles Integration (Unleashing Your Full Potential)

Module 3: Narcissistic Vs Co-dependant Dysfunction (Develop Functional Relationships)

Module 4: Over Functioning Vs Under Functioning (Develop Functional Relationships)

Module 5: Values Elicitation (Discover what Matters Most)

Module 6: Boundaries (How to Create Strong Boundaries with Flexibility)

Module 7: Standards (Implement Standards that Drive you Forward)